• Sony Pictures Presents Sex Tape #BedroomSpice

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    Sony Pictures Presents Sex Tape #BedroomSpice

    With technology now pretty much officially everywhere and people being connected at all times it is sometimes hard to forget just how many of life’s moments we broadcast to the world over the period of just a day. Seriously, try to count how many times you post something to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram in one day. The number may just surprise you! For me it was what I thought was a shocking 15 status updates or posts, yet our daughter Maria can easily break 50 posts, pictures or videos a day! Yet those teenagers never seem to have anything to talk about at the dinner table….

    But what if the worst case scenario happened and some of your most intimate moments (and we are really talking intimate here!) were accidentally shared to not only family and friends but the world? This is exactly what happens in Sony Pictures Sex Tape starring Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel. Check out the absolutely hilarious movie trailer below!

    We just recently celebrated our 7th year anniversary and we were excited to go see this movie together as both Dayna and I met via an online blogging platform, so we felt something with a technology twist was a great (and very appropriate) movie pick for us! The Sex Tape had a lot of laughs and was a bit over the top but overall it was a good time. We had a good few chuckles both during and after the show.  If you are looking to have a light hearted night out with your loved one or a friend then this is probably the movie for you. It is in theatres now and is not to be missed!

    For more information or to see more trailers of the movie check out the Sex Tape Facebook Page!

    I am part of the Sony Pictures – Sex Tape Movie program with Mom Central Canada and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.

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  • KinderGlo NightLight Review + Giveaway

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    KinderGlo Fun Safe Portable NightLight Review + Giveaway

    logo_hpOne of the joys of parenting that NO ONE told you about was the dreaded nightly bedtime routine. And it’s exactly that….a routine. As a parent, once you corral the toddlers into bed, have story time, countless pleading for more stories and the begging for more drinks of water….you think your child has finally worn themself down for a good nights sleep. As you quietly turn out the light and your nightlight switches on, it’s as if you inadvertently flipped the “on” switch for more night time drama. Suddenly every shadow becomes a ghoulish apparition that is out to get your little bundle of joy, and the simple task of getting your children in bed becomes your own nightmare of sorts.

    pic 1 (11)

    The KinderGlo night light is a fully rechargeable, portable night light, so you don’t waste money on replacing costly batteries. The light will last from 8-10 hours, providing a soothing soft light that provides comfort without the harsh shadows of your traditional “plug into the wall socket” variety night lights. KinderGlo night lights are portable, and are perfect to either keep on the charging base, or go right into bed with your little one. KinderGlo night lights are safe and powered with LED lights, so you never have to worry about them getting hot to the touch.

    pic 2 (13)

    Simple to operate, you or your child can simply use one button to choose between auto shut off after 30 minutes, or continuous lighting all night to prevent those “waking in the dark middle of the night frights” that often plague little ones dreams, and not to mention your own peaceful sleep. You can also choose between having a constant color of red, blue or green, or a continuous calming rotation of pastel hues that really do add a mezmerizing and calming effect to the product. The KinderGlo will even auto turn on if it is knocked from the charging base or if charging during a power outage.

    pic 3 (9)

    Having gone through dozens of “traditional” plug in the socket night lights, replacing burnt out bulbs that get hot enough to fry an egg on, the KinderGlo selection of portable night lights is the perfect solution for your child’s peaceful sleep, and your own peace of mind knowing that bedtime is no longer the nightmare it once was.


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